Coaching & Advising

Coaching & Advising

Transformation is a difficult and complex journey, and requires more than just fundamental management and leadership skills. Maximum effectiveness in both roles of manager and leader requires a deeper level of knowledge, skill and capabilities.

One thing is common among managers and leaders who recognize the connection between self-improvement and organizational improvement. Our experienced leadership coaches and advisors will help you accomplish both.

Why Is Important to Invest With Us?

In today’s competitive global economy, no one person, organization or country can afford to be less productive than others. For a moderate investment in our coaching and advising services, you can earn a significant return on your investment with greater productivity.

What Does Sergent Results Do?

Our coaches and advisors help you leverage existing strengths and build further skills where needed, to improve the organization by helping the individuals become more effective in the team.

How Does It Work?

Our advisors and coaches help you leverage existing knowledge and capabilities to build further skills where needed, using simple practices, methods and tools to act, apply, improve and learn how to be more productive.

Who Benefits?

Our coaching and advising conversations will help you engage your team members with greater clarity and more effective action towards your aim of better productivity and overall results for all stakeholders in your system.

CQI Academy 6 Day Course

CQI Academy 12 Day Course

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