Consulting & Facilitation

Consulting & Facilitation

As consultants and facilitators to you, your organization and your team, we provide professional, expert advice in the particular areas of management, leadership, organizational and team development, productivity, measurements, process and value stream management and continual quality improvement.

We also have knowledge of many specialized fields and a number of colleagues to assist us in the event you and your team have more focused needs. We have access to deeper levels of expertise than is feasible for you and your team to have in-house, and you may obtain only as much service from us as you need.

Why Is Important to Invest With Us?

The system you work in is too complex for any one person to know it and all the interactions in depth and an outside perspective is required to understand every system. We provide that outside perspective that will help you get knowledge and then apply it to not just change the system, but improve the system.

What Does Sergent Results Do?

We work with you in your organization, culture and team to understand the purpose and outcome of the consulting by discussing it and developing the aim, purpose and measurable goals for the engagement. We facilitate this to understand in detail how every goal is to be tackled and how long it should take.

How Does It Work?

We engage your team of subject matter experts in your priority processes and create baseline value stream maps to identify the highest value areas to improve and you

Who Benefits?

All stakeholders in your system win, the customers, team, owners, and community win by improving the productivity of your services or products.