Learning & Training Sessions

Learning & Training Sessions

Organizations and the people in them need learning as a process of developing greater knowledge by integrating new thinking with what the team members already know. It includes creating, retaining, and transferring knowledge within an organization as it improves over time through management theory and experience. From testing this experience, the person and the organization are able to create greater knowledge, and eventually, wisdom.

The Sergent Results Group provides learning & training sessions in a variety of organizational topics. These sessions have specific goals of improving capability, capacity, effectiveness, productivity and performance. It forms the core of quality processes and professions for skilled trades, as well as management, apprenticeships or other professions in all economic sectors, including education, government and non-profits. People within many professions and occupations may refer to this sort of learning and training as professional development

Why Is Important to Invest With Us?

The Sergent Results Group thinks differently and challenges the status quo to teach you methods of better thinking. Most people in organizations are already well trained in the technical aspects of their job duties. What we will teach you is new methods to integrate and synthesize what you already know about “the job” that you were hired to do and the “new job” you must do every day. Learning how to keep learning and synthesizing will help your organization provide more service or product with the same budget.

What Does Sergent Results Do?

The way we do this is by helping you make simple improvements to what you routinely do in ways that are user-friendly, inspiring individuals and organizations to make a difference in value. We help you learn to ask better questions, and seek new knowledge, by integrating what we can teach you with what you already know, and show the evidence.

How Does It Work?

By engaging and inspiring you to discover a new way to think about yourself, your customers, and your organization, we teach a way of thinking that can be used and understood at all levels. This way of thinking will change your world as you apply new philosophy, principles and methods that will be even more powerful as your organization grows and succeeds. In our learning events, we ask questions that will lead to understanding why best efforts and hard work are not enough.

Who Benefits?

Like the Deming Institute, we think this is important for our society. We believe it is good for families, communities, businesses, government and educational institutions. We want the people in your organization, suppliers and customers to be successful. We want them to examine every decision for the good of the organization and a minimum of loss to society. Not because they have to, but because they want to. Inspired people will be more productive, happier, treat their clients and customers better and build stronger relationships, companies, communities and economies.

The Sergent Results Group workshops are integrated with the Deming Institute seminars to continue the Deming tradition of asking thought provoking questions in seminars. We do this because having provocative and practical questions lead to more robust discussions and answers as well as stronger, more prosperous organizations in which owners, leaders, workers, suppliers, customers, and communities benefit.

Individual and group proficiency in the Deming philosophy, principles and methods are fundamental to organizations that learn and improve and how they make productive value with their resources. In the new economy, the productive use of resources will be a necessary condition; fundamental to how all organizations operate. Our aim is to elevate the individual and team thinking about systems, variation, knowledge, numbers, interactions and thinking patterns and how this awareness will foster more effective management and leadership of our resources.

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