Milestones on Your Journey


Does This Milestone Track Progress On Your Journey?


In our journey to fulfill our mission, we need to keep the milestones in our sight, and measure our progress from start to finish, from one marker to the next.  The marker above means one thing to a sailor who left Chicago and another to someone who left Detroit.  It is the same milestone, but the meaning depends on where you have been and where you need to go.


One organization we know needed an alternate supplier of a technology platform to deliver their internet-based services.  They had already decided to purchase, but needed a set of operating requirements to make sure their investment would be well spent.  Their critical milestones were to write the requirements and conduct a field trial of the new technology in their environment, so they could implement it nationwide.


We helped them write their operating requirements with the help of their various functional teams and also tracked the supplier's answers to how they would meet those same requirements.  The field trial assessed how well the technology actually met those requirements and was extended by several attempts to modify it with hardware and software "fixes".  The organization ultimately concluded that the supplier could not meet their requirements and therefore could not help them on their journey to an alternate supplier.


As internal or external consultants to your business or enterprise, or as leaders in your system, we bring focus to stakeholder needs, plus those of customers, owners and team. We help the team make needed progress and act on all stakeholder concerns with relentless follow up to ensure the whole team is focused on the same purpose.  When a milestone indicates that you and your supplier are on a different path, we act to keep your needs first.


What is your experience?  What questions do you have for me?

~ Dennis Sergent