Let's talk about improvement.

Our Identity

We see good people stifled by a daily struggle with their status quo and ineffective, relentless changes. We serve our customers with friendly, simple services, and focus on what you need to know and then do to solve problems. We help our customers make improvements by improving their knowledge, actions and language towards common aim and purpose as a team. We deliver coaching, advising, consulting and facilitation services. Call us, and we can help you improve your situation in your organization and your corner of the world.

Our Vision

We see a better world for everyone because of the work done by people collaborating in teams.

We help you learn the fundamentals of quality & improvement, anything that adds value to your customer and the system you work in. We help you learn what you can do with quality principles & practices to manage, reduce, or eliminate non-value added activities and improve anything affecting your professional productivity. We help you attain your desired results as part of a team.

Our Aim and Purpose

We operate on principles to focus on customers, communications and teamwork. We make a difference by helping improve your productivity with integrity - by helping the people in organizations get better at everything they do. We increase your capacity at every opportunity for profitable growth, development and productivity.

With your team, we will develop your common aim and purpose and share it with anyone and everyone you do business with. It becomes useful in defining a win-win-win-win for customer, supplier, process owner, and team.


Please Excuse Our Web Developments

We are underway with a complete rebuild of our Sergent Results Group website and ask your patience if you are looking for something that is not yet here! We are putting up the newest content, including learning materials, articles, job aids, videos and other resources, and will archive all of our “legacy” content last. Whatever it is, if your time horizon is short and you need something from us, please call Dennis at 517-285-5500, Joe at 284-444-5550 or Liam at 412-508-6018.