Meet the team.

Our Beginning

In 1995, we set out to make a difference for people and the teams they spend a large part of their life in. We knew the philosophy of quality and management from W. Edwards Deming and his colleagues such as Brian Joiner, Peter Scholtes and Russell Ackoff. We learned how to help people overcome organizational roadblocks by improving communications with purpose and action that builds trust, developed by Chris Argyris. And, we have integrated these ideas with the spread methods described by Everett Rogers.

We had to first create a method designed to engage the greatness within everyone who wants to work with others to do great things together. We found a method for people and teams to put their best work into the hands of their customers, suppliers and teammates through the science of improvement, with very little in their way.

Meet Dennis

Dennis Sergent

President, Sergent Results Group

Mr. Sergent has contributions that include over 100 whitepapers and presentations on numerous related topics. He has also had leadership roles as a Director on the Boards of the Capital Quality Initiative, the Michigan Lean Consortium, Dayton Defense and other non-profits. He has also been a member in good standing in the ASQ - American Society for Quality, Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, PMI - the Project Management Institute, the PMI College of Performance Management, the McKinsey Executive Panel, NMIA - the National Military Intelligence Association, SHRM - the Society for Human Resource Management.

Dennis has worked with a number of highly qualified consultants and co-facilitators in these seminars and assignments, including numerous Deming Institute scholars such as Bill Bellows, David Langford, and Kelly Allan. Outside the Deming Institute, he has presented over 100 keynotes and presentation topics in collaboration with consultants such as Debra Levantrosser, Rob Pease and members of the Michigan Lean Consortium.

He has also been a facilitator for the W. Edwards Deming Institute, as well as a visiting scholar in Lean at Oakland University and has lectured at Fordham University, Georgetown University, Michigan State University and Wayne State University. His work in change and transformation has resulted in improved service levels, customer satisfaction, productivity, market share and competitive position while making a difference of $8 Billion for his clients and helping them turn around their situations with integrity.

The Team

Josef Pishek

Associate, Infrastructure

Josef is a senior at Lawrence Technological University studying Industrial Engineering. With a background in numerical, statistical, and process modeling, he focuses his research on plant layout, material flow, ergonomics, and systems. Aside from his work with Sergent Results Group, Josef has been applying his skills in the automotive manufacturing industry since September 2016 at Elringklinger AG in Continuous Improvement, Maintenance & Facilities. He finds joy in work when he is able to engage his colleagues in efforts to continually improve the systems they interact with everyday.

Liam Butler

Associate, Design

Liam is a senior at Lawrence Technological University studying Industrial Design. With experience in research, packaging design, ergonomics, and power tool design, he is enthusiastic about using people's needs to inform improvements in everyday life. What brings joy to his work is the ability to enhance meaning and create a richer understanding of concepts through a language that can be made accessible to all - design.

Our Values

  • Respect for people and value diversity
  • Focused on customers
  • Constructive and positive communications
  • Building relationships through trust and value
  • Knowledge based and effective decision making
  • Constant purpose with strategic focus on vision
  • Leadership for change and improvement
  • Quality through engagement and teamwork
  • Ethics of quality, trust and the highest integrity
  • Developing others and ourselves
  • Productivity through responsive, dependable service
  • Friendly, caring, simple and easy interactions
  • Innovation and adaptability
  • Breaking down barriers, education, and transformation
  • Life cycle of continual quality improvement